Kahi is setting goals with her post-baby body!

After three months of Pilates and simple exercises at home, the Dream High 2 actress is proud to show off her new figure. The 36 year-old mom made sure she took the healthy route to drop the pounds rather than extreme dieting. Living life and maintaining a sensible exercise regimen is the best anyone can hope for, right? Yesterday, Kahi shared a photo of her fantastic results via Instagram, and she was elated that she could fit into her old clothes again! "My pants finally fit now,"was the caption to her stunning snapshot below.

Since we know mommy is happy, how is the rest of her new family doing this winter? Her baby boy seems content with his adorable chubby cheeks! 

Mom, dad and baby took quite a few pictures during the Christmas season to commemorate their first holiday together. This photo was one of the best.

In March of 2016, the former After School member and Incase Korea CEO, Yang Jun Mu, wed in a romantic ceremony in Hawaii, and their baby arrived in October. Congratulations to Kahi on her incredible weight loss!

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Source: Via/Image Credit: Kahi's Instagram


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