Kai and Jung Da Bin are prepared to set first love goals! The 22-year-old idol is going back to high school in the new KBS school series Andante, and the She Was Pretty actress is coming along for the ride. The 16-year-old Jung is still in school in real life, and this is the first time she is set to star in a TV series opposite the popular idol. The stars' agencies confirmed the casting news today. 

“Kai will be starring in KBS’ pre-produced drama Andante," a SM Entertainment said. Her agency, R's Company, had this to say about their child star's new acting gig: “It is true that Jung Da Bin will be starring in Andante. Please look forward to it.”

EXO Kai might be a Hallyu idol, but he is still a rookie in the acting world. He may have starred in Choco Bank and was featured in EXO Next Door and 7 First Kisses, but those were only short web dramas. Andante is a full-length television series that will air every week. For the very first time, he has the leading role!

The beloved Sharp series writers, Park Sun Ja and Kwon Ki Kyung, join forces with PD Park Ki Ho to create this brand new 16-episode youth series. Kai will portray high school student Lee Si Kyung in the project scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year. I loved the Sharp TV series in the early 2000s. I felt it helped me get ready to enjoy future powerhouses like School 2013 and School 2015. Who doesn't love a good youth series every now and then?

Are you excited to see these two stars bring their A-game for Andante?


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