The action packed K-Drama Two Weeks starring Lee Jun Ki served up two awesome surprises in episode 10 with appearances by Monstar star Kang Ha Neul and TEEN TOP’s Niel.

So I’m watching episode 10, all into it and whatnot, and rolling my eyes at the sight of ratchet Senator Jo Seo Hee, when the camera focuses on the laptop in front of her. Finally we get to see who her son is and it’s freakin Kang Ha Neul! He’s taking on the role of mentally disabled Kim Sung Joon and he even speaks in English at one point; it was all just so cute and he even said "mommy!"

Too bad his mommy should really be hit by a truck (-_-).

Now after that major surprise, finally Jang Tae San gets a hold of the infamous camera that’s been talked about for the last 8 episodes and guess who he gets it from?! Freakin Niel from K-POP group TEEN TOP! I was like O.M.G it’s my little brother! Seriously in my head he’s the little brother I always never knew I wanted because he’s fabulous. It was just so random too! I was like “Ohhh! Hi Niel what are you doing here?!"

It was an excellent surprise so if you want to see Kang Ha Neul and Niel you need to check out episode 10 of Two Weeks! Also, remember you’ll be getting a lot more of Kang Ha Neul when Heirs premieres so make sure your new episode alerts for the show are set by clicking HERE!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE