Kang Ha Neul loves his fans!

With his military enlistment date looming, the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo star is choosing to spend as much quality time with his fandom as possible. He recently joined his fellow Midnight Runners cast members at a special screening for their film. The 27-year-old actor greeted the audience with so much enthusiasm he seemed more like a fan than they did. CGV Cinemas shared a sweet photo of Kang gushing over a fan with this caption, “It looks like Kang Ha Neul is a fan of hers hehehehe.”

Kang Ha Neul and his fellow cast members are also basking in the success of their new film. Two million people came out to see the film, and it earned close to 10 million dollars since its August 9 release. Midnight Runners, which also stars Park Seo Joon and Park Ha Sun, is about two police academy students witnessing a crime and getting swept up in the case. 

The meet and greet was a real treat for Kang's fans. Currently, he is wrapping things up to start his military service on September 11 and connecting with his supporters was high up on his to-do list.

Are you jealous of Kang's interaction with the lucky fan at his movie screening?


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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Elle Korea