Kang Ha Neul will sing for ratings! The Angel Eyes actor has taken on a new role in the cable series Misaeng. In celebration of his new gig as character Baek Ki on television, Kang made a deal with the viewers in early October. If the ratings for the series surpassed 3%, he would perform a mini concert. 

That day came. On the TV series' official Facebook page recently, the handsome star announced through a handwritten sign that he will keep his promise and perform a concert today at 6:30PM KST. The concert was held just hours ago in front of the Yeouido station.

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TvN's Misaeng achieved a 3.7% rating for its November 1 episode. The series is about man with a high school diploma landing an elite job. His life long interest to date has been the board game Go. It co-stars Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan.