Kang Ha Neul, fresh off the set of Monstar, had his photo snapped with his Heirs script! Now, there are four important things going on in this photo that must be pointed out you. First of all, his script is not only proof that he’s just another dose of hotness next to Lee Min Ho, but the script is also yellow! I don't know if this is important, but so far everyone else has been seen with blue scrips. That’s probably pointless information but at least I notice everything (-_-).

Now the second thing to take note of is, he practically lives in white button down shirts. It’s either he’s forever in a school uniform or athletic wear. Can someone please get him a t-shirt? Better yet, let’s not stray too far from his style concept and let’s just give him a polo; still has a collar so it’s the same but totally different. Third, notice that strong v-line jaw, it’s just so natural! He’s not even straining to make it more pronounced; it just is! Finally please take note of his beautiful eyelids. I know I think differently and some of you can’t actually relate but his eyelids are absolutely perfect for eye shadow and liner. There’s just a lot of space to make a great smokey eye and just a simple line of black liner would look amazing!

If you want more of Kang Ha Neul make sure to set your new episode alert for the upcoming Kdrama Heirs, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, HERE!