He spilled the beans! News media outlet Osen revealed their exclusive interview with handsome actor Kang Ha Neul today. During their chat, Kang told them about his shying away from dating actresses and his celebrity crush.

“I have never dated an actress, and I don't plan to in the future," he said. "I know how difficult acting is. If I met an actress who shared my love of acting, she would see how difficult it is. If not, she would not have any charms as an actor.”

His infatuation with a Discovery of Romance actress, however, leaves him starstruck. “There is an actress that I like.. Jung Yoo Mi sunbae (senior). I only saw her once at a press conference for the movie she starred in called Manhole. My hands were shaking the moment I shook her hand. It wasn't romantic feelings, but the thought of meeting a senior actor that I respect."

He continued, "I have liked her since the movie How to Operate a Polaroid Camera. Her eye for choosing a production and the tone of her acting are good. I think it’s similar to the style of acting that I am pursuing.”

That is adorable! The Angel Eyes actor fanboys just like everyone else. Who knew that becoming a star doesn't change a person's inner fandom?

See Kang Ha Neul in Angel Eyes:

Would you love to see Kang Ha Neul and Jung Yoo Mi team up for a project in the future?

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