Don't try this at home, drama lovers! During a recent interview with MBC, actor Kang Ha Neul was brutally honest about his weight loss for his latest movie role. The handsome star explained that he was able to lose around 15 to 17 lbs after only eating one small meal a day. "I went on a diet for the movie Dongju. I lost about 15~17lbs. I ate one cup ramen a day," he said.

The 25-year-old celebrity is approximately 6 feet tall, and I highly doubt one coup of ramen was enough food to sustain him for an entire day. The Twenty star needs more food than people who are four or five feet tall on a daily basis, so this diet is almost incomprehensible! However, he is actually the first celebrity to admit he used the extreme ramen diet. 

His movie Dongju:The Portrait of a Poet, which premieres in theaters on February 18, is a biopic about poet Yun Dong Jun. Yun. He faced imprisonment in Japan in the 1940s after being part of the Korean independence movement. Kang Ha Neul portrays the poet in the film.

Following many celebrity low-calorie, sweet potato, banana  and now ramen diets, which healthy alternatives would you recommend stars eat three times a day to maintain their figures?

Watch Kang Ha Neul in Twenty:

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