[caption id="attachment_6932" align="alignleft" width="320" caption="Yoo Seung Ho"][/caption] In a new interview with Coffee House cast members Kang Ji Hwan, Ham Eun Jung, Park Si Young and Jeung Wung In, Kang indicates that the series will be a bit more episodic and sitcom-like than most dramas. He also says he that although the unusual charm of the new show may keep it from being a runaway hit, he'll be happy if it breaks the Monday-Tuesday drama ratings records at least once. JiYeon from T-ara went on the variety show Strong Heart and showed her finicky side by revealing that her first kiss went to Yoo Seung Ho on the set of the group's Lies video, who she described as her ideal type. After getting to know him, however, she says he's not her type at all anymore! After Lee Jun Ki's surprise entry into the military forced him to pull out of the film Grand Prix, Yang Dong Geun (I'm Sam) has stepped into the actor's shoes. And here's a shot of the cheerful Lee saluting his fans in the midst of military training. Yang's new Grand Prix co-star Kim Tae Hee has been tagged to star in a new romantic comedy from the same writer as On Air and City Hall, Kim Eun Sook. Although the premise of My Princess leaves a bit to be desired (read all about it here), Kim does have an impressive track record, so who knows? Kim Hyun Joong is expected to bring in a young audience to the forthcoming IRIS spin-off Athena. Although nothing's official yet, Kim's management company confirmed that he is being considered for one of several roles. And finally, in case you missed it, here's Yoon Eun Hye in a breezy summer fashion shoot for her longtime collaborator Joinus.