With only a month left before its planned premiere date, SBS drama Entertainer (Ddanddara) is finally nailing down its main cast. Ji Sung and Chae Jung Ahn have officially confirmed their participation, Kang Min Hyuk is "positively considering" the second male lead, and Hyeri is still considering the lead female role.

Entertainer is about Shin Suk Ho (Ji Sung), a director at a top entertainment company who finds himself forced out of his position. He forms his own tiny company and represents a band of underdogs as he helps them fulfill their dreams.

If Hyeri accepts, she will play Jung Geu Rin, a 22-year-old woman who sells fish for a living. Suk Ho discovers her talent and becomes her mentor. The big question mark in whether or not Hyeri will be able to take this role is the fact that she was diagnosed with meningitis earlier this month, and the tight filming schedule required for an April premiere wouldn't give her much time to rest. Please, whatever she chooses, make sure she has plenty of time to recover!

Kang Min Hyuk will likely accept the second male lead role. He will play another member of the band who develops a crush on the female lead. It's the role that Park Bo Gum previously declined.

Rounding out the cast is Chae Jung Ahn as Yeo Min Joo, a stylish and cool manager at another music company who has a loveline with Ji Sung. Based on previous reports that there is also a loveline between Hyeri and Ji Sung's characters, it sounds like we have a full-blown love square on our hands! It sounds kind of like Producer in that sense, and we'll just have to wait and see how the romance shakes out.

We won't have to wait too long, though, because currently Entertainers is set for an April 20 premiere on SBS following the conclusion of Please Come Back, Mister

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