Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy) seems to be taking full advantage of the gorgeous Jeju scenery, but the island backdrop posed an unexpected challenge for star Kang So Ra when she was asked to ride an untrained horse for filming!

Jeju Island is known for its many wild horses, so it's only natural that the series would include a scene on horseback. The only problem? Most of the horses on Jeju Island aren't trained to be used in filming. The production team had to settle on borrowing a horse from a local equestrian center, but the horse wasn't completely trained yet.

As they filmed the scenes, both Kang So Ra and the crew had to be extremely careful with their movements to avoid startling the horse. It wasn't used to being outside of its regular enclosure, so there were concerns that the horse would run away (with Kang So Ra on it) as soon as it was released into open space.

Fortunately, the cautious filming went by without a hitch, partly because Kang So Ra came prepared. Staff members were pleasantly surprised to discover that, in preparation for the role, she had taken some horseback riding lessons just in case she needed them. Looks like her dedication paid off!

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