It looks like Kang So Ra and Rain will be costars for the upcoming SBS series Hello My Precious Person (working title; previously called Goodbye My Beloved), an adaptation of the Japanese novel Mr. Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days (Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan) by Asada Jiro.

A representative from Kang So Ra's agency made the following statement about her participation: "Kang Sora has been thinking a lot about what her next project would be, and she chose Hello My Precious Person. Everyone can look forward to this romantic comedy with Rain." 

The story follows a workaholic store manager who dies on the job. He is granted seven days to possess another body and wrap up his business on earth. While the initial reports on the series indicated that the manager would enter Rain's body, this latest casting news clarifies that the drama will actually follow the plot of the original novel, where he possesses a beautiful twenty-something-year-old woman (Kang So Ra). Even better for the K-drama hijinks!

Kim Soo Ro (A Gentleman's Dignity) is in talks to play the salaryman who wreaks havoc on Kang So Ra's life when he takes over her body.

What do you think of a Kang So Ra/ Rain pairing? Some of you may recall that Rain originally considered the lead role opposite Kang So Ra in Jeju Island Gatsby, so people who were disappointed when he dropped out back then should be happy to see the two together now!

Hello My Precious Person is currently scheduled for a March release on SBS.

Watch Kang So Ra in Jeju Island Gastby:

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