Fans have been enchanted by the double romance stories in Jeju Island Gatsby. Beautiful actress Kang So Ra recently opened up about her 3 hot male co-stars, Yoo Yun SukKim Sung Oh, and Lee Sung Jae, in the popular romantic comedy drama. So who is Kang So Ra's real-life ideal type? You may be surprised by what she said!

When Kang So Ra was interviewed by MyDaily recently, she talked about her wonderful chemistry with actor Yoo Yun Suk, despite her character's tug-of-war romance with him in the drama. She said, "We have great chemistry, although it is our first time acting together. He helps me out a lot.” She added, "Yoo Yun Suk has a big heart and he is really caring. Like the character of Geon Woo, in reality, he is also innocent like a child, but also charming in a very masculine way. I think I understand why women like him so much.”

Off-screen photos have shown Kang and Yoo looking very chummy together on set. So does this mean Yoo Yun Suk/Geon Woo is Kang's ideal type?

Kang So Ra then revealed that her ideal type is actually someone else!

She said, “I like the comfortable types, like Hwang Wook in the drama.”

Team Mayor will be delighted because her ideal type is the kind and lovable local mayor (played by Kim Sung Oh), who has won our hearts while he tries so desperately to win Jung Joo's heart. He is reliable, easy to talk to, and you can always count on him to show up when you need him. Kim Sung Oh has unexpectedly caused quite a bit of the Second Lead Syndrome.

But there is another hot guy in our adorable drama!

Jeju Island Gatsby's second love story has really charmed the fans. Actor Lee Sung Jae plays Geon Woo's older brother, a straight-laced businessman who falls head-over-heels for the diver lady who appeared like a mermaid in his hour of need.

To Kang So Ra, the older brother Song Jung Geun is the most interesting character in this adorable drama. She said, “I have to cheer him on, because his middle-aged romance is so sweet and fun.”  (We fans would agree.)

What do you think about Kang So Ra's revelation? Are you surprised to hear about her ideal type?

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