Goo Hara and Junhyung

And so another heart breaks. Goo Hara, who you all know as the super cute president's daughter in City Hunter, had been dating B2ST/BEAST lead rapper Junhyung since 2011. Netizens first realized something wasn't right when they noticed the two of them had unfollowed each other on Twitter. Both of their agencies have confirmed that the two of them are no longer dating because of scheduling conflicts.

Junhyung and Goo Hara

Usually I never believe the scheduling conflict reason, but in this case it just might be true. Goo Hara is a member of the Idol girl group KARA, who happens to not only be popular in South Korea, but also extremely popular in Japan. Because of their popularity the group is always promoting over in Japan, and with B2ST/BEAST's own crazy schedule, not finding the time to see each other is a very believable reason for the breakup. Who finds Hara and Junhyung's breakup sad? Who is secretly thrilled the two of them are back on the market?! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source: