Nail Shop Paris cast While filming on set for MBC QueeN drama ‘Nail Shop Paris’ (Produced by Park Soo Chul, Written by Sung Min Ji), KARA’s Park Gyu Ri cried at a surprise event from staff members. Shooting the final episode of Nail Shop Paris in Seoul In Geun on the 23rd, a staff member created a surprise event for the cast. The filming stopped in the middle, leaving the actors confused when the staff brought out a cake for the actors saying, “Thank you for your hard work.” The actors were caught speechless due to their surprise, especially Park Gyu Ri who immediately sat down on the spot and burst into tears. Finishing her first drama project, Park Gyu Ri showed strong emotion as filming came to an end and she poured out her heart. As Park Gyu Ri began to cry uncontrollably, her co-stars Jun Ji Hoo, Song Jae Rim, and Chun Doong comforted her, settling a warm atmosphere on set. After all filming concluded, Park Gyu Ri posted on her Twitter page, “this truly isn’t a blessing for just anyone. I thank each and every one so much individually. May you be healthy,” leaving a closing comment, hinting at sorrow. Nail Shop Paris stars Park Gyu Ri and is coming soon to DramaFever. Park Gyu Ri plays the main female character, Hong Yeo Joo, who dresses as a man and infiltrates a famous all-flower boy nail salon. [source: nate news]