Gyuri Watch Nail Shop Paris and get free hugs from the cast! That's what Park Gyu Ri promised on a recent variety show. The first Korean drama set in the world of nail art, Nail Shop Paris stars Park Gyu Ri as Yeo Joo, a woman who disguises herself as a young man for employment. When asked by MC Joo Young Hoon about what kind of viewership ratings she was expecting to get, she shouted without hesitation, “5%!” When asked if the ratings were to reach five percent what kind of commitment she would offer, after thinking for a bit Park Gyu Ri answered, “I will give free hugs to fans.” Co-star Song Jae Rim added in their specific plan, “if the ratings exceed five percent, all four of us will give out free hugs in the heart of Myung Dong to 100 people.”