Zz91eM83 Kara bandmate Han Seung Yeon recently was featured in a photo shoot for fashion magazine Sure, after which she sat down for an interview to chat about the realities of life as a celebrity. The singer spoke candidly and said, "Truthfully, I don’t have aegyo (acting cutesy). Unlike what is shown on television, I don’t have a cute personality that has a lot of aegyo. I sometimes find it hard to smile. I feel trapped in those moments.” She continued, “Most people expect a bright and cute image from me. I have a lot of different personalities in me but I can’t show them all. It’ll be hard to emphasize a cute image in my thirties and forties. I just want to show a mature image suitable for the age of twenty-six.” Leaving things on a more hopeful note, she added: “I hope that Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love will be a good chance for an image transformation.”