56995209 Not only is she constantly working on her vocal and dance training for her work with K-pop's Kara, but Han Seung Yeon has now added to her busy schedule by making her first television appearance on Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Playing a woman who is competing for Yoo Ah In's character's love, the new actress will make continuing appearances on the drama after her first brief appearance on April 8th. It has been said that Han Seung Yeon is working hard to disprove the old stereotype that idols-turned-actors are not as talented. One of her representatives said, "Even we're surprised at how hard Han Seung Yeon has been working. Many people have been telling us about how she looked in the first episode of Jang Ok Jung. She knows she's still lacking in many aspects, and so she's working hard. She will try to meet expectations." "It's her first appearance in a full-length piece but she's a fast learner. You can definitely look forward to her appearance," the representative continued. What do you think about idols-turned-actors? Do idols have something extra to prove, or should they be given the benefit of the doubt? (Source: sg.entertainment.yahoo.com)