56700-kara-park-gyuri-transforms-into-a-boy-stylish-and-chic KARA group member and once child-star Park Gyu Ri is making her acting debut as an adult in MBC drama Nail Shop Paris. The first two episodes illustrate how Park Gyu Ri's character, internet novel writer Hong Yeo Joo, cross-dresses as a guy in order to get hired at an all-flower boys nail shop called Paris, and is faced with various challenges. In the episodes, she was able to comfortably express her acting skills through dynamic characters such as a guy/girl character, a gumiho, and a sexy red-haired female warrior. Park Gyu Ri has experience as a child actress in dramas like MBC's Today Is a Good Day- Showers and SBS's Ladies of the Palace. It has also been said that she chose Nail Shop Paris as a way to present her acting skills. The response appears to be that like Park Gyu Ri’s childhood acts, Nail Shop Paris will be led by rookie actors exercising much power. What are you most excited for in Nail Shop Paris? (Source: News Nate)