Park Gyu Ri Girl group KARA’s Park Gyu Ri revealed a photo of her bare face, without makeup, and it's currently a hot topic online. Earlier today, Park Gyu Ri posted on her Twitter page, “Cleaning up after eating. It’s the best to just roll around on the living room sofa on a hot day. Hahaha. But I have to go out soon. Urgh?” along with a picture. In the revealed photo Park Gyu Ri is looking at the camera while lying down, without wearing any makeup. However, her face does look a little haggard, with dark circles, worrying fans. Netizens commented, “Park Gyu Ri’s bare face, is superior, superior.",“Park Gyu Ri’s bare face, great skin.”, “Park Gyu Ri’s bareface, please take some herb medicine.”, and, “Park Gyu Ri’s bareface is pretty, great.” Meanwhile, Park Gyu Ri is giving an enthusiastic performance on Nail Shop Paris, playing the role of cross-dresser Yeo Joo. (source: nate news, twitter)