Despite its instant international success, Psy's follow-up hit "Gentleman" hasn't been universally well-received; the music video for the single has been the cause of considerable debate, in particular among the Seoul City Council and the publicly-funded network KBS. Citing the video's depiction of the defacement of public property in particular as inappropriate, KBS decided not to air the popular MV—a decision the network is now in the process of reviewing. KBS representatives state the reason for the review of their decision is more a matter of procedure than a reevaluation of the video's appropriateness. When the network voted on whether or not to air the video, only three of the seven evaluators were present. “Because of the flaw in the procedure," a network representative said, "the decision [that Psy's MV was unsuitable for broadcast] is not validated. We don’t understand why they went so far to decide that the MV was unsuitable for broadcast.” One KBS representative further explains the reason for the procedural oversight, saying: “There were a lot of staff asking about the MV, so four out of the seven evaluators hurried to get together. However, one evaluator suffered a medical emergency and had to go to the hospital, so only three attended. All three present agreed that the MV was unsuitable for broadcast. However, even that one person who went to the hospital had entrusted his decision to the three left. When we checked again later, they decided to go along with the decision that it was unsuitable. No matter what the decision, since the procedure was against the rules, we will be reevaluating it soon." Netizens have a lot to say, on both sides of the issue. Some see the video as truly inappropriate, and the network as weak; others don't see what the big deal is, and would be glad to see the video broadcast. One says, "I'm against this decision. I feel that KBS made the right decision. Just because the music video is popular does not grant it special treatment and forgiveness." Another says, "It's funny to me how they're succumbing to pressure and agreeing to look over the MV again... Obviously they're going to pass it now." On the other hand, another netizen writes, "I don't get what people are calling it so sexually suggestive over. Because a girl is wearing a bathing suit??? Because Ga-In's eating fish cakes??? Then how can you walk out in the streets and look at women eating candy and ice cream???" What do you think: should KBS reverse their decision, or is Psy's video really too inappropriate to be broadcast? Tell us in the comments below! (Source:,