DramaFever Becomes the First Online American Company to Acquire Digital Distribution Rights from All Three Major Korean Broadcasters

KBS Media, a subsidiary of KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), has agreed to partner with DramaFever, the premier online destination for popular Asian TV shows. DramaFever, which has existing partnerships with Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Distribution and Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) International, will license IRIS from KBS Media to become the first online American company to acquire online distribution rights from all three major Korean broadcasters. DramaFever offers North American consumers access to the most popular primetime drama series from Korea.
“DramaFever provided the ideal platform for us to distribute and broaden the popularity of Korean dramas in North America. DramaFever’s combination of high quality user experience and a unique advertising and subscription-based business model was particularly attractive for us.” -- Hyo-young Lee, Head of Int’l Business Dept. of KBS Media
“There is a tremendous demand online for Korean TV shows in North America from a very diverse audience base. The major Korean broadcasters recognize this market need, and we are honored that KBS, SBS, and MBC all chose us to be a major distribution platform for their content." -- Suk Park, Co-Founder of DramaFever
Starting today, KBS Media’s megahit TV show Iris is streaming on DramaFever. Iris joins the growing DramaFever library that includes recent international hits from Korea such as Shining Inheritance, Boys Over Flowers, and Queen Seon Duk, as well as classics such as Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam Soon, Gourmet, Stairway to Heaven, Hotelier, Sandglass, Jewel In The Palace and Jumong. A big thank you from the DramaFever Team to all the Drama Fans who have helped us reach this milestone! The best is yet to come!