This article is a guest post from Vanessa for KCON.

Wooooo!!! Did you hear the news, Kim Soo Hyun is coming to KCON LA! In honor of this truly momentous moment, let’s take a look back at his most adorkable moments from his most recent drama —Producer — that make you swoon, laugh, and giggle all at once.

Who is Kim Soo Hyun?

Kim Soo Hyun has starred in a lot of dramas, and has become *kind of* famous — kind of like Girls’ Generation is *kind of* famous. He’s been a sexy-smart alien in  My Love from Another Star, a sexy-righteous prince in Moon Embracing The Sun, and a sexy-kind country boy in Dream High. And, he just played a role in which he felt so natural that it seemed like he was born to play it — a sexy-dork rookie producer in Producer. Whatever your ship may have been, I think we can all agree that Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung-chan has yielded some of the most awesome, petty, derp, confused, puppy looks that have ever come across my laptop. Could his hotness factor possibly exponentially increase with his dorkiness?

You may remember Kim Soo Hyun as the righteous, stubborn prince robbed of his princess in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. SO. MUCH. RAGE. SO. MUCH. SADNESS. 

Or as the first human or alien man to make book learning look this hot. “Did I say you could disturb story time? Did I?”

But, beneath all of that hotness, we always knew this dorky, innocent heartbreaker was just waiting to bloom.

And, bloom he did. Meet Producer‘s Baek Seung-chan, the rookie PD who dorks so hard that he somehow bypasses cute, takes a detour through hot, and arrives at “OMG, totally love. Can’t stop watching.”

Baek Seung-chan’s Most Adorkable Looks (in no particular order)

“But, how could you love someone else when I’m right here?” For real.


He was like, “I think it’s OK to be happy,” and we were like “Aww, of course it’s OK!”


“Return my lady to me—after I fall in the bush. I said after.”


“You know, do what you feel, bro.”


“Drink the sugary coffee, you know you want to. Do it.”

“ORLY, you didn’t want 4 oz of simple syrup. My bad.” *Evil smile*


That’s it. Too cute. We we’re going down with this ship (and looking for a 2003 Dido album).

See Kim Soo Hyun at KCON LA! Don’t forget to get your concert tickets and register for your convention passes!