I'm a sucker for Kdrama entourages. Why settle for a measly love triangle if you can have an entire gang of hot, hilarious men running around the set? Boys over Flowers helped set the trend with the unforgettable F4, and many recent dramas have followed with their own sets of four best friends. You're Beautiful, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, A Gentleman's Dignity, and Rooftop Prince (just to name a few) all feature their own version of the F4. But why FOUR? Why not three or five or seven? Well, what I finally realized is that most of these F4s have the same types of members. With four people, you have someone filling in all of the necessary roles! So let's take a look at the characters who make up the ideal F4:

1. The Cold Leader/ Love Interest

Examples: Jun Pyo (Boys over Flowers), Lee Gak (Rooftop Prince), Lee Sun Joon (Sungkyunkwan Scandal--TWO Micky Yoochun roles on this list!), Hwang Tae Kyung (You're Beautiful), Cha Chi Soo (Flower Boy Ramen Shop), and on and on and on...

The Jun Pyo type is a MUST for an F4! He starts out cold and harsh, which kind of makes you wonder how he got so many friends in the first place. Of course, he's also handsome and rich, so that makes him the ideal love interest for a heroine to soften him up a bit! Even when you have four men to choose from, it's usually obvious that this guy will win out in the end.

2. The Sweet One

Examples: Ji Hoo (Boys over Flowers), Choi Gang Hyuk (Flower Boy Ramen Shop), Song Man Bo (Rooftop Prince), Choi Yoon (A Gentleman's Dignity), Kim Yoon Hee (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

This one is the direct balance to the cold leader. He is sweet and kind, and he often has brains, too! Remember how Ji Hoo stayed in school to become a doctor while everyone else was running around the world running businesses and stuff? In cross-dressing dramas where a girl sneaks her way into the F4 (lucky!!!), she often fills this role. Think Yoon Hee in Sungkyunkwan Scandal or Go Ni Nyu in You're Beautiful, although You're Beautiful had half of their F4 in the "nice" category and skipped the rest. If only Shin Woo had been more of an enforcer, maybe that snoopy reporter would have left them alone!

3. The Enforcer

Examples: Woo Bin (Boys over Flowers), Kim Ba Wool (Flower Boy Ramen Shop), Woo Yong Sul (Rooftop Prince), Moon Jae Shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Tae San (A Gentleman's Dignity)

He's got a nasty temper and a heart of gold. Every solid entourage needs a guy to take names and break bones every once in a while. These characters are best suited to having awesome nicknames, like "Crazy Rooster" or "Crazy Horse" (or anything starting with "crazy," really). Even though the kind one is your typical second male lead, I kind of love when they change things up and put this brute into the romantic mix like they did with Rooftop Prince and Sugkyunkwan Scandal. Seeing tough guys with feelings makes me cry. But in a good way.

4. The Womanizer

Examples: Yi Jung (Boys over Flowers), Chi San (Rooftop Prince), Goo Yong Ha (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Lee Jung Rok (A Gentleman's Dignity)

Oh, Yi Jung and his sexy saxophone of shame...Even though you would probably warn your friends to run away if this guy started to put the moves on them, he's still really fun to watch. He's just so charming! Who can resist?

Which Kdrama entourage is our favorite? Is there an F4 character you favor? Comment below?!

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