Whether it's  meals of the royal court fit for a King, full course Italian cuisine, or sweets confections that will ruin your diet, Korean dramas know the way to a viewers heart. The success of "Kitchen K-dramas" are evident with the much talked about "Baking King Kim Tak Gu" currently airing  in Korea on KBS. Of course there's the plotting jealous ex, and the star crossed loves, however it seems that as of late, the number one ingredient to making a hit drama is food! Everyone's gotta eat, and everyone loves drama, so why not kick back with a drama or two that excites your inner foodie?! (Dae Jang Geum) Jewel In The Palace: Jewel follows the story of the first female royal physician. A fascinating tale of heroism, our main character Jang Geum starts off as a kitchen maid and works her way through all kinds of challenges, showing the Chosun Dynasty men that women are kick ass...not only in the kitchen (where she really gets down!) but also in other areas like medicine and...well, just being a friend. If you've ever loved Korean cuisine, this drama is a must see, as it demonstrates some of the origins of today's most favored dishes like  tolsot bibimbap (you know, the one served in the hot stone bowl)! As about 50% of the drama takes place in the palace kitchens, you'll be treated to Iron Chef style cook-offs, ingenious cooking tips, and an immense amount of food eye candy....A foodie's dream! You'll be amazed at the skill and heart that goes into creating the beautiful Korean meals, and just watching you'll start to crave your own bowl of juk (rice porridge). Can't wait to "chow down"? Check out Jewel In The Palace right now! But be warned, you might need a bib to catch your drool. ~ Gourmet: If traditional dramas aren't your think, then maybe this will tempt your taste buds! Putting a modern spin on traditional Korean food, Gourmet also gives viewers the excitement of a cook-off and the mouth watering eye candy of traditional Korean food. Centralizing around two talented chefs and their family's restaurant, this drama kicks it up a notch giving viewers a look at a more modern sibling rivalry story where the winner isn't necessarily who is the toughest, but who cooks the tastiest. Expect lots of action inside and outside of the kitchen in this drama, and be sure to pick up a few tips on your favorite Korean foods as well! Watch Gourmet here! Pasta: Maybe traditional Korean food isn't your thing. Maybe you want to see something completely different...well how different can you get than Italian cuisine! In Pasta, you get the feel-good story of a young aspiring chef  Seo Yoo Kyung, as she trains under the most widely recognized Italian chef in all of Korea, Choi Hyun Wook. Problem is, he is --like all head chefs on TV nowadays-- very difficult to get along with! A little bit of Hells Kitchen mixed with a dash of Lady & The Tramp, this drama is definitely a must see! With the underlying current of yummy spaghetti, linguine, and other Italian dishes flying in and out of scene after scene, you will definitely want a second helping as the two cook up some chemistry-- if you know what I'm saying! Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge! Check out Pasta here on DramaFever! My Lovely Sam Soon: By now, everyone knows and loves Kim Sam Soon, but just in case you haven't seen it, you'll definitely want to check out this drama, if not for the love story, comedy or girl power message, then for the sugary confections! At first, the drama portrays our lovely Sam Soon as your everyday girl, down on her luck in love, who just happens to be a pastry chef. However, at closer examination, you'll find that not only is she every man's dream --funny, self confident, and cute as a button--but to top it off, she's a pastry chef...and a damn good one at that! Chocolate truffles, cookies, and souffles are a piece of cake for Sam Soon, who is a studied chocolatier. Close ups of desserts being made, eaten, and even destroyed will have you itching to go on a candy run! Watch as Sam Soon hand crafts yummy treats, teaches techniques to the perfect sweets and steals hearts in this classic drama of love and life! Satisfy your sweet tooth with My Lovely Sam Soon here! Coffee Prince: After having a visual feast fit for a king, along with desserts, what's more natural than heading to a coffee shop to sit and relax...or maybe fall in love? The smash hit of 2007, Coffee Prince takes you on a love story like no other, with coffee shop owner Choi Han Kyul and his "gay" lover Go Eun Chan. Blurring the line gender lines, the story follows tomboy Go Eun Chan as she works to pay off her ever increasing debts. Choi Han Kyul has his own problems, aside from his failing coffee shop...his grandmother is trying to arrange his marriage! One way to stop that is to pretend to be gay...right? Confusing Eun Chan for a guy, the rich Choi Han Kyul's convinces her to be his "boyfriend"-for-hire, which sounds like a good idea...until more than the coffee pots start steaming. Sip slowly as you watch Han Kyul and Eun Chan pour a love story that's both funny, and sweet here on DramaFever!