For a while I worried that in Kdramas, older people would not be shown falling in love because perhaps they were considered over the hill and past emotions.  I am glad to see that I was wrong.  Of course, I am not speculating on the mental illness of the aunt in Wild Romance.  That is just a little too far off the mark. She is definitely not someone with the right mindset. Why this woman could not see age as a blessing and why she perceived herself as ugly is more deeply rooted into her psyche than this series could show.  May-December relationships are not that unheard of, and someone else might have found her attractive for her age.  She really is an attractive person, at least physically. But, let us really not dwell on her. That would be the flip side of what really is the focus of this article. From the Queen’s vantage point, this discussion will focus on the fact that you are never too old to fall in love. There is the very cute romance of Kim Young OK and the Karaoke Club man in Assorted Gems.  I had to say it made me feel good and laugh at the same time.  It was beautiful and sad, too.  That this woman who had endured a bad marriage until the death of her husband, had spent decades alone and still felt that she had to hide the fact that happiness had found her from her jealous friend and her only son.  She was not even interested in love because she thought it was too late!  You cheer her on when she finally realizes that she is lonely and she does what it takes to let someone into her life.  He is persistent in winning her over even if it means he has to give time and gifts to her friend in order to be with her. If you have not seen this and want to know how it ends, then watch this series for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Another fallacy that must be shot down is that love is only for young people.  Everyone deserves to be in love and to receive love. If you are fortunate, you fall in love young, marry, and remain together into your more mature years.  If not, then you hope that it will happen at some time. There are reasons why you should never give up on love. It keeps you young. It makes you feel alive. It gives purpose to your life. And, it makes you feel good. Memories of a past love are nice. Love in the present is better. In The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, the story does not focus on the age of the lovers, but it does allow us to see that age does not matter in true love.  All that is needed is for both participants to be adults, and in love with each other.  What I liked here is that Lee Shin Young played expertly by Park Jin Hee, grew up to realize that the love of Ha Min Jae played by the deliciously handsome Kim Bum is real. One thing that people in love really need to get over is what others will think. If the person you love shares the same feelings that should be the only thing to concern yourself with. Well, that and what will you all do to get to know each other better. Kdrama is not shy about love, as we saw in Spy Myung Wol.  One of the reasons we watch with such intensity is that we are drawn to love. The fact that we get to see sexy guys and girls like Moon Eric and Han Ye Seul play out our fantasies is only a small part.  There is a saying that goes “All the world loves a lover,” and it is true.  It is too sad that some people will never experience love in their lives, but if you have been in love once, you will crave it again.  Okay, we are not talking about lust, here. Lust is not the same thing. Love is the desire that spills out of the bedroom and into the life of its giver and its receiver. It is thinking about him or her every day and wanting life to be filled with that person’s presence. We do not love everyone we drool over in Kdrama because that is not a reasonable expectation.  However, we love the way they make us think about love and the deep desire we all have to be loved.  From the Queen’s vantage point, as long as Kdrama delivers that special kind of feeling, we will stay glued to our televisions, laptops, and PCs. For more from the Queen, click here!