Have you ever found yourself waiting for the next episode of your favorite new show, but unsure what day to expect it? Do you sometimes stalk the review section on a series, hoping someone will mention when new episodes air? Have you ever left the comment "I wish DramaFever would announce what days shows come out!" in the review section? Well, fret no more, drama lovers! DramaFever now has a show guide to tell you exactly what days you can expect to see new episodes!

The new show guide looks ahead one week, showing you which currently airing shows come out on each day. It's updated weekly, so if there's a broadcast delay for some reason, you can always double check to see if you can expect to see a new episode that day. 

You can find our show guide HERE, but it's also easily accessible in the DramaFever header at the top of our website. Bookmark it now and use it as a guide to choose which shows to watch each day. Happy watching!