shFollowing NH EMG's shocking announcement that Kevin Woo will part ways with U-KISS when his contract expires on March 31, the kind-hearted idol explained his motives behind his decision on the group's fan cafe. The 25-year-old star expressed his love and respect for fans and his fellow members in a heartfelt message.

Let's read the After School Club host's letter below:

“Hello KISSme, this is Kevin. I wanted to sincerely convey my thoughts to you all, which is why I decided to write this letter to you.

First, I would like to sincerely apologize to all of the fans who were surprised by the unfortunate news. I was able to make some of the greatest and most precious memories of my life through debuting in U-KISS in 2008, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the overwhelming love and support of our fans. I am deeply apologetic to and thankful for the fans who supported me through everything and to my fellow U-KISS members as well. I will never forget the love that you all have given me. Before I reached my final decision, I spent many nights unable to sleep just thinking about it. I spoke with my agency and with the other U-KISS members as well at length about the matter. I made the decision to leave the group that I love so much in order to start walking a new path, one step at a time. My heart aches because I could not stay with U-KISS until the very end, and I know that I will forever miss the times that I had with U-KISS."

Kevin concluded his letter by apologizing and thanking them once more, promising to work hard and support U-KISS until the end, and asking KISSMes to do the same. He also requested that fans continue to support him in his future endeavors.

U-KISS has gone through several member changes during their 9-year career. Alexander Eusebio and Kim Ki Bum parted ways with the group in 2011 and were replaced by AJ and Hoon. In 2013, Dongho left for personal reasons, while Jun joined in 2014.

Member Eli indirectly introduced an unofficial member into the group. His son Michael Minsu Kim was born last June. I wonder if dad will bring his baby boy on stage for a future performance. We can only hope!

In recent years, Dongho and Eli both married the love of their lives, and AJ has taken leave for his studies overseas. Do you think Kevin has any plans for matrimony or more education in his near future too? 


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