SHINee's fashion lover Key is joining the Elle editorial team! The former We Got Married hubby will be adding "editor" to his already impressive resume by contributing Key Story to Elle Korea. His special section of the fashion magazine will include his own narration and photos chosen by him. The multi-talented idol, who has already filled the roles of actor, singer, dancer and fashionista, opened up to his future readers through a message on Elle's official Instagram

"I want to hurry up and write honest articles. I think it's better to not limit myself to a specific genre," Key said in a recorded interview clip with the publication. "Everyone has their own know-hows, their own experiences, but I'd say I personally do a lot of research. Even for readers who may not necessarily like me, I think it'd best to bring them enjoyment through unique objectives."

After greeting fans a day later, it seems like he is ready to get to work! I wonder if he will feature his foreign fans' fashion sense in future articles. SHINee travels to Los Angeles, Toronto and Chicago next month for special performances and a fan meeting. 

If Key photographed you, would you want your unique style to be in his Key Story


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