Shinee's Key is in love with Midwestern ShaWols!

Shortly after SHINee's electrifying fan meeting in Rosemont, Illinois last night, the lovable Key uploaded a sweet photo on Instagram he took with the entire audience at the Rosemont Theatre. His very short but sweet caption said, "Chicago! Love you! Miss you guys already." The five idols played games and performed songs for a sea of adoring American fans who showered them with so much love that they promised to return. The former We Got Married hubby was immensely touched by the ShaWols. He was one of the last members to leave the stage because he didn't want to say goodbye.

I'm so glad I bought my ticket to the fan meeting and was a part of SHINee history in the USA. The whole evening was perfect! The only thing missing was an autograph session and a meet & greet with P1 ticket holders. Key's heartfelt appreciation of everyone on social media proves that SHINee definitely returns Midwestern ShaWols' love.

What do you think about Key's fondness for American fans?


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