So Hee and Kim Soo Hyun aren't making our couple dreams come. The two stars' latest relationship goals were completely fabricated. After rumors began swirling online that they had been in dating for a year, their agency, KeyEast, quickly told the media the truth.

"We have confirmed with [Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn So Hee] and the news is not true. They know each other, but they are not dating," a KeyEast rep explained.

The previous fantasy rumors stated that the former Wonder Girls member joined KeyEast because the Producer actor recommended his company. Plus, a resident in So Hee's Yongsan apartment complex allegedly claimed he visited her place when his schedule was free. No photos ever backed up the imaginative rumors.

I always though So Hee would give Kim Hee Chul a chance because of his longtime crush on her. However, the SS rumors were so intriguing, I thought for a moment that they could have made a very nice pair even if it was just on-screen.

What do you think? Are you upset the rumors aren't true?

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