If you've ever been eating a hot dog and thought, "This bun is boring; I wish it was meat," boy you are in luck. Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Philippines recently announced the release of their brand new Double Down Dog sandwich. 

The massive fast food sandwich features a hot dog smothered in melted cheese, nestled against a giant piece of fried chicken disguised as a bun. KFC only made 50 of these mind-blowing monstrosities available at 11 KFC outlets in the Philippines from January 26-27. 

And while there has been no announcement from KFC saying that they will extend the new menu item to other countries, judging from people's reactions, this probably won't be the last we'll ever hear from the Double Down Dog. 

The sandwich even made David Letterman's list of "Top Ten Things People Said After Eating KFC's Double Down Dog."

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