Many pet owners treat their animal friends as members of the family. When a black Labrador was recently kidnapped in Beijing, the loss hit her blind owner hard because Qiaoqiao is also a service dog. Fortunately, this story has a heartwarming ending.

Qiaoqiao, a 7-year-old black Labrador, has been a guide dog to her owner, Tian Fengbo, a blind masseur. They've been together for 5 years. Qiaoqiao became Tian's close friend and a member of the family. After she was abducted while out on a walk, the lost pet notice went viral online. 

Netizens were touched by the appeal to find Tian's missing "eyes," meaning Qiaoqiao, and joined Tian's family and friends in the frantic search. Many also expressed outage at the unconscionable act to steal a blind person's guide dog. 

After two days of searching, just when people were almost ready to give up, Qiaoqiao returned. The dog and her owner were overjoyed to be with each other again.

There was a further surprise!

A white plastic bag was hanging around Qiaoqiao's neck. Inside the bag was a note of apology, which said, "We are sorry. We are returning the dog and begging your forgiveness. We have also been under great pressure these two days..."

Despite the theft, Tian was thankful that Qiaoqiao was returned. You see, when dogs are stolen in China, they often end up as dog meat. Tian said he could hardly eat or sleep while his dog was missing. 

Qiaoqiao initially seemed listless when she first returned. But after being given water and food, she has become herself again and is "sticking to her owner like glue," according to a family friend.


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