Kill Me Heal Me is not only doing well in the ratings, but it's also inspiring fans to make art of their own. One fan posted pictures of handmade character dolls on MBC's message board, and they have delighted fans of the show. 

Lee Soo Jin, who was impressed by the characters created by Ji Sung, handmade a Cha Do Hyun Doll that comes with accessories for his alter egos. 

My favorite are the pajamas so that Cha Do Hyun can become Ahn Yo Na.  I love these pajamas. They are so cute. 

There are even little glasses for when Ahn Yo Na's twin, Ahn Yo Sub, needs to make an appearance. 

This doll is handmade and the skill is amazing.  I would love to own this doll. What do you think? To see all of the characters in action, watch the latest episode of Kill Me, Heal Me: