Actress Hwang Jung Eum and boyfriend Kim Yong Joon have officially called it quits. When you have dated for 9 years, it probably feels like a divorce when the relationship reaches its end.However, there were early signs even before her hit drama Kill Me, Heal Me started.

Hwang Jung Eum was on KBS 2's Entertainment Relay when she was unexpectedly asked about the news that she and long-time boyfriend Kim Yong Joon had broken up. She calmly replied, "It's been a while since we broke up. It's been over two months." Both of their management companies confirmed the breakup on May 15, saying that the two stars decided to "walk their own roads" after her popular Kill Me, Heal Me drama came to an end. (Kill Me, Heal Me aired from January 7 to March 12 in 2015.)

Actually, there was news that was quickly brushed aside before Kill Me, Heal Me started. During the press conference on January 5, Hwang was asked if her boyfriend was jealous about her working with her Secret Love co-star Ji Sung again, and she replied, "We fought. So I'm depressed. We're not contacting each other," making everybody laugh. 

It was not a laughing matter to her, as she continued with these surprising comments: "It's true! Why are you laughing? I'm feeling down. I was filming, I was busy, and I had caught a cold, but I wanted to eat something good for dinner, so I asked him to make a reservation. The reservation wasn't made, so I told him to call it quits. I guess this is what happens after nine years. It's not great. It's time to break up. Seriously."

The representative of her agency, C-JeS Entertainment, quickly stepped up and said, "Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon have not broken up. Considering the two of them have been a couple for a long time, we hope that you would just view it as a cute love squabble." That was the last we heard of anything, and the surprising revelation fell on the wayside as the wonderful Kill Me, Heal Me drama wowed everyone with the amazing performances from Hwang and Ji Sung. 

In hindsight, it's a testament to Hwang's superb acting skills that she was able to work on a demanding schedule under the circumstances. On the other hand, people who have experienced heartbreaks have also said that work is a salve to soothe a person's feelings.

Hwang Jung Eum and her boyfriend had a 9-year relationship, which lasted longer than many marriages. They even appeared on the We Got Married reality show together in 2009 and left many lovely images which are now sad to look at.

Ironically, Hwang Jung Eum's ex-mate in the girls group Sugar, Park Soo Jin, is about to marry Hallyu superstar Bae Yong Jun after a whirlwind romance. We hope the best for both Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon. May they each find future happiness in life.

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