Actress Kim Ah Joong was already an in-demand leading actress before she was paired alongside Kim Rae Won in Punch. During the course of her career, the 32-year-old star has been romantically linked with heartthrobs and distinguished older men in her K-dramas and movies. 

Before you continue her journey as Shin Ha Kyung in the SBS mystery series, take a look at some of the other men she fell for on-screen.

1. Ko Joo Won played a cold-hearted rich guy who fell for Kim's poor girl character in The Bizarre Bunch. Opposites definitely attracted in this topsy-turvy daily drama. 

2. Hwang Jung Min was a kind-hearted mailman who fell in love with an actress (Kim) during their contract marriage in The Accidental Couple.

3. Park Shin Yang started out as a mean doctor in Sign. He didn't treat his leading lady well as an upscale bad boy. 

4. Joo Jin Mo is the reason she gets plastic surgery in her 200 Pounds Beauty film. Her character wanted him to like her physical appearance.

5. Ji Sung is the man Kim accidentally calls instead of her boyfriend in the movie Whatcha Wearin'? Following their phone sex encounter, she meets and falls for him. 

6. Huang Xiao ming was Kim's boyfriend in the Chinese movie Amazing. Her relationship with him intensifies during the formation of her 3D video games. 

7. Joo Won was a detective in Steal My Heart. Kim turned out to be his first love on the wrong side of the law.

8. Kim Rae Won currently plays her ex who only has a few months to live in Punch.

Watch Kim ah Joong and Kim Rae Won in Punch:

You have seen most of her A-list men. Which leading guy is your favorite?

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