A male lead is yet to be cast for Moon Geun Young's upcoming drama, Goddess of Fire. It turns out Kim Bum is reviewing the script and is strongly considering his first saguek role! Kim Bum just wrapped up one of his most popular dramas, That Winter, the Wind Blows, so his casting comes as a last-minute decision for the 32-episode drama. Lee Kwang Soo was recently cast as the brother of the Joseon King, Gwanghee Gun, played by Lee Sang Yoon.

Goddess of Fire is a drama about Baek Pa Sun, the first female ceramic artist in the Joseon Era. While serving for the royal family, she was captured by the Japanese in the invasion of Korea in 1592. She was a very innovative artisan who created various types of pottery considered to be Japanese works of art.

Moon Geun Young has already been practicing for her role as Baek Pa Sun by working on her pottery skills. Kim Bum has a big decision to make, as this will be the first historical drama he will star in. As of now, his role is rumoured to be the Japanese love interest of Baek Pa Sun.

Goddess of Fire will premiere this summer, following the conclusion of Gu Family Book.

What do you think? Do you hope Kim Bum will take the role?

(Source: www.kdramastarz.com)