Kim Bum looks very different from his Boys Over Flowers days. The already slim actor lost even more weight to get a lean and mean look for Hidden Identity, the new drama series which will start on DramaFever soon. Take a look at the new Kim Bum and find out more about the suspenseful action drama.

At the press conference for Hidden IdentityKim Bum revealed that he actually lost almost 31 pounds (14 kgs) to fit his character in the series. He said, "I lost 14 kgs for the drama. I had a little extra weight on me until recently. I researched a lot for this character and his trauma." 

Take a look at  Kim Bum's new transformation:

His new look, complete with a mustache, matches his new role in Hidden Identity.

The new drama is about an elite squad of homicide detectives who go deep undercover for their investigative missions. Kim Bum plays Cha Gun Woo, a former SEAL and SWAT member who pursues his targets doggedly and is secretly on a revenge mission after his girlfriend's death.

The drama is expected to be a gritty thriller full of action and suspense. It'll also be Kim Bum's first lead role in a Korean drama after appearing in several Chinese movies and dramas for the last 2 years. Frankly, I can't wait to see the new Kim Bum.

Hidden Identity will premiere exclusively on DramaFever on June 16. Sign up for episode alerts  HERE.

See Kim Bum in the melodrama That Winter, the Wind Blows:

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