Actor Kim Bum will enlist in two weeks. When he enlists, he will undergo month-long basic training at an army base and then work as a public service officer for about two years. His agency didn’t reveal his training location or any other details, citing privacy.

Bum’s agency King Kong by Starship said yesterday, "After receiving a summons by the country, actor Kim Bum will serve his mandatory military duty as a Korean man on April 26. Due to health issues, he's been assigned as a public service worker."

The agency further explained the health issues, saying, "Kim Bum has been receiving continual treatment since his early 20s due to a hereditary illness. In order to recover, he's put in a lot of effort towards caring for his health through medication and exercising, but in the end, he was assigned to be a public service worker."

King Kong by Starship declined to reveal his illness, but it sounds like the actor really wanted to join the army. The agency said, back in 2013, “Kim Bum wants to enlist soon,” adding that he wishes to be dispatched “somewhere intense.”

Last month, Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo acknowledged their relationship.

Best of luck, Kim Bum!

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