Barefoot Friends Comedian Kim Byung Man and rapper Eun Ji Won will be making guest appearances on Barefoot Friends. According to an SBS Entertainment official, on June 27, Kim Byung Man and Eun Ji Won participated in the follow-up shoot at a hotel swimming pool in Seoul, after completing their first filming at the Gimcheon Gymnasium. The actors will face a diving challenge on the show. The members of Barefoot Friends are currently preparing for the diving competition. Kim Byung Man, who stated it was his first time diving, said, “An actor will film with the heart,” and “I came as a guest but I want to be a stable member.” Eun Ji Won said, “The July 11 ‘Gimcheon Masters’ Diving Competition is a teamwork project, not a solo one,” receiving applause from other Barefoot Friends teammates. We can't wait to see how they do in the diving competition! (source: nate news)