20130118_kimbyungman Kim Byung Man, a comedian most known for his acrobatic stunts and slapstick scenes with his long-term friend and partner Lee Soo Geun on SBS's Gag Concert, had a series of incredible adventures while filming SBS's Laws of the Jungle in the Amazon. First, he was bitten by conga ants. The conga ant bites—called that because of their powerful and potent sting—resulted in severe rashes and itches all over his body. To make matters worse, it turns out that Kim Byung Man is allergic, and so they took emergency measures on the spot. However, the symptoms did not subside and the comedian continued to suffer from rashes and severe itches.


But on a positive note, later on in the episode Kim Byung Man also caught a baby crocodile with his bare hands! After catching the crocodile, he called for his team and showed the crocodile that was biting onto the net he was holding. Although he and the staff were scared that the mother of the crocodile was near, Kim Byung Man tied the baby crocodile next to their dorm. Still, the end of this adrenaline-pumping episode shows Kim Byung Man lying on the floor in pain from the poisonous bites! Will you be watching this action-packed show (Source: www.newsen.com & www.nate.com)