Kim Dong Wan (Beating Heart) and Kim Jae Wook (Bad Guy) appear as angry cross-dressing rock stars for Vogue Korea. Both of the actors turned rock stars will be in the musical 'Hedwig' opening up again in May. They look completely different and nearly unrecognizable. Here is a little snippet of their interview with Vogue: Vogue: Original title for 'Hedwig' was 'Hedwig and The Angry Inch'. His surgery fails and he is left with one inch of unknown piece of flesh in place of his penis. What would it feel like to have that one inch flesh as a man? Kim Dong Wan: I’ll cut it off and be reborn as a woman. I wouldn't leave that inch. Wait, maybe I’ll pull skin off my butt and add onto the inch. Kim Jae Wook: Whether it is 1 inch or 5 inches, it’s not a real penis. That means it’s really worthless. I’d much rather become a woman. Can you guess which one is which? Are they still real men to you? I will admit that the fashion is pretty nice in the photo! See them before they were rockers on DramaFever! Source: Vogue Korea