Kim Go Eun may only be 25 years old, but the wisdom she shared for an interview for Elle Korea regarding how she feels about beauty and being a woman prove that she's mature beyond her years. 

Featured in the March "Yes! We Are Women!" issue of Elle Korea, the superstar actress gave some thoughts on what it meant to be a woman, and her words are sure to inspire and empower women all around the world. Just a few weeks ago, the actress took down her Instagram following hateful comments from her followers regarding a natural photo of herself that she had put up. Obviously undeterred by those who judge, Kim Go Eun had this to say while sitting down with Elle. "There’s one thing I want from myself, and it’s to always be a person with a healthy mind and heart. It’s more difficult than I thought. Of course it would be great to be physically beautiful to many people’s eyes, but if I try and change myself to satisfy a set standard of beauty, I feel like I’ll exhaust myself. It’ll continue clashing with my own unique creativity. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way." When considering all the bullying from insensitive fans and cowardly internet trolls she's had to put up with, you can feel the weight of her convictions.

But the actress wasn't done. When asked what made her happiest about being a woman, this was the answer she gave. "Women are beautiful purely for existing. Every age bracket brings a new kind of beauty and it’s so clear with each group. It’s like cutting in to a rock and finding a diamond; the whole process of being born as a girl and growing into a woman is so beautiful." And this is coming from someone who was publicly called an ugly toad, just for posting a photo of herself relaxing on a hammock.

Not only is she one talented actress, she's positive, intelligent, articulate, and everything else under the sun. It's no wonder she's on her way to becoming a truly international superstar.

From the March issue of Elle


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