If you had the free pass to overeat, how would you feel? It made actress Kim Go Eun so happy that her job was to gain 18 pounds. Kim Go Eun gained and lost 18 pounds in the span of five months for a role. She told all about it at yesterday’s press conference for the film 'Sunset in My Hometown,' which premieres July 4.

“The process of gaining weight was exhilarating,” the Goblin actress recalled, sitting in-between director Lee Yoon Ik and actor Park Jung Min. “I usually don’t eat anything the night before filming, because my face gets bloated. For this film though, it was good to show up with a swollen face, so I would go to a convenience store the night before and eat cup noodles and whatever I was in the mood for.”

In 'Sunset in My Hometown,' Kim Go Eun plays Sun Mi, a suburban girl who speaks Jeolla dialect and never wears makeup. Kim Go Eun wanted to gain weight to play Sun Mi. Sun Mi is an amiable young lady, and Kim Go Eun thought being on the chubby side would be a better representation of this fictional character than skinny to the bone. “Director Lee happily agreed with me [gaining weight for the role], so I went for it. [Sun Mi’s] appearance aside, I was concerned more about her Jeolla dialect. I worked with a dialect coach, and got a good amount of advice from the Byeonsan residents as well.”

She concluded the topic of her drastic weight changes by saying, “After three months of happiness, I went on a diet for two months in tears.” The filming took two months from September through November 2017. Kim Go Eun presumably started gaining weight a month before filming the movie.

You may not have heard of director Lee Yoon Ik, but you’ve probably heard of his films King and the Clown (Lee Joon Ki) or ‘The Throne (Yoo Ah In).’ For his 2016 film ‘Dongju,’ actor Kang Ha Neul went on a similarly drastic weight loss.

What do you think of Kim Go Eun’s transformations?

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