Kim Greem of new trio Woman Power has chopped off her long locks for the first time in 11 years!

Kim Greem, who’ll soon be promoting “Hate You Hate You” with her groupmates, recently tweeted, “Finally starting promotions for Woman Power ^^ I cut off my hair before the first performance. Leaving behind the blonde locks and changing my image! I got two for one, but I’m slightly worried about how others will respond.. ^^ Still, look upon me nicely, please!”

The singer posted two photos of her new look with one showing off her ‘V-line’, and another with fellow Woman Power members, Suki and Kim Boram.

Kim Greem’s hair was always a topic of interest for netizens, as she debuted with long, light-blonde locks for her single, “Nobody But You“. Reportedly, this was the first time she’s sported a short hairstyle since her middle school days.

The first performance of “Hate You Hate You” will be on this week’s broadcast of ‘M! Countdown‘. The track is described to be a dynamic mixture of ballad and dance.

Source + Image: Kim Greem’s Twitter