Yoon-Si-Yoon-and-Kim-Hyun-Joong Hey DF watchers! So I dropped a huge bomb on you all when I reported that Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Hyun Joong are filming together! I just want to make it clear that they are NOT filming a drama. They are filming a new variety show that is currently untitled. So far, the only information we have on this show is who a few of the cast members are, that it has some sort of outdoor theme, part of it is being filmed in Laos, and its scheduled to air April 21st. Of course I will update you as more information becomes available. This whole thing has me so excited that I started thinking of all the outdoor possibilities and the type of things you can do in Laos! My imagination ran wild and I ended up creating four possible scenarios that I believe are likely to happen on the show.

1. In Laos they have this elephant camp where you can take an elephant training course.

Imagine everyone trying to train an elephant! KHJ would name his elephant "Alien" and say it was his new pet, while Yoonie would be taking photos filled with aegyo making sure to capture everyone including Alien behind him.

Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Hyun Joong

2.  Vocational Training Center for Women where you can learn traditional silk weaving.

Everyone would have power bandanas on—the type Oh Ha Ni wore in Playful Kiss while she attempted to study. Then they would discover that Super Junior's Eunhyuk has a hidden talent for weaving. He will create the most fabulous pair of socks ever in sapphire pearl blue which is the official color of SuJu, and turn all the women at the center into fan girls.

Eunhyuk weaving copy

3. The Beach

Think Baywatch minus the cheesy theme song sung by Hasseloff. I picture a relay race that's really, really interesting but none of us are actually focusing on the race since KHJ, Eunhyuk, and Yoonie are running around with no shirts. At this point slow motion is added, and the moment they come out of water it gets replayed 20 TIMES.

4. Left alone in the woods somewhere overnight.

I love it when everyone has to work for their own food. Just imagine everyone standing near some river trying to figure out how to catch and cook fish. Then they all have a happy campfire, and Eunhyuk starts dancing to girl group songs because someone ALWAYS dances to girl group songs in these variety shows!

Eunhyuk dance

I'm fairly confident at least one of these scenarios will actually happen.

Can you think of any other scenarios that could happen in the show?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE