[caption id="attachment_8149" align="alignleft" width="372" caption="Go Joo Won"][/caption] Kim Hyun Joong, SS501 frontman and currently in talks to appear on Athena, suffered minor injuries in a car accident last week. Reportedly, the star was driving the car when it crashed into another vehicle, and he suffered bruises to his ribs that doctors say will take two weeks to heal. At a concert scheduled for May 22nd, Kim will only sing ballads and leave the dance moves to the rest of the group. Speaking of Kim Hyun Joong, Da Hae from rising indie-lounge girl group Vanilla Lucy is getting some extra attention for her supposed resemblance to him. Check out Vanilla Lucy's video here, their Music Bank debut here and these photos and see what you think! Won't you be my neighbor? In a new poll from Cinetong, fans were asked who they'd most like to be their "boy next door." The people's choice, over Daniel Choi and Jo In Sung, was Personal Taste's Lee Min Ho. Prosecutor Princess star Park Shi Hoo is doing something nice for his fans. As the drama wraps up tomorrow, he'll join 200 members of a fan club in a rented out movie theater to watch the finale together. Kim Joon's management company is warning fans to "forget about Kim Joon's cute image. We will show a very shocking transformation"! If you think you're ready to take it in, click here to see a preview of the new hardcore Kim. Character posters from Ji Sung's upcoming 3D saguek Kim Suro were released, featuring Yoo Oh Sung, Go Joo Won and Seo Ji Hye in richly-colored costume. Finally, a treat for fans of A Man Called God: someone's gone through the trouble of making an amazingly cute and detailed diorama of Song Il Kook on set in his role as Michael King/Choi Kang Ta. Enjoy!