Kim Hyun Joong is preparing to serve his country. The Playful Kiss actor is wrapping up his busy schedule and planning to enlist in the military on March 31, according to reports by Osen and other news outlets. An alleged acquaintance of the singer and actor told this surprising news to an interviewer. Kim's agency, KeyEast Entertainment, denied it, but they did state that the entertainer has received his enlistment notice.

“He did receive a draft notice. However, he is considering delaying the date because of the situation he is in. We haven’t discussed it with him. Because of his current situation, we aren't planning to disclose the [date], whether or not it's postponed. [He] wants to go as quietly as he can," a KeyEast representative said.

The "Unbreakable" singer is trying to stay out of the public eye after news of his ex-girlfriend being pregnant with his child began trending. She admits that he is the father, but she refuses to marry him. This is the same girlfriend who accused him of assaulting her months earlier. He was found guilty of one charge and fined $5000.

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If he does decide to began his mandatory military duty this month, he will join fellow celebrities JYJ's Kim Jae Joong, Choi Jin Hyuk, Super Junior's Sungmin, and Shindong, who have already confirmed their enlistment dates. Kim, Choi and Sungmin will enlist on March 31, while Shindong plans to go on March 24.

Kim's reported October 2014 draft notice was postponed due to his concert tour Fantasy. 

All healthy South Korean men are required to serve a minimum of 21 months in the military while the country remains in conflict with North Korea.

Do you think he should enlist now, or settle things with his possible baby's mother before enlisting?

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