Kim Hyun Joong makes me cry, because his heart is more beautiful than he is, and I can only take so much beauty! So on June 4th KHJ was in Japan promoting his third Japanese single, "Tonight" with an album release party/handshake fan meet/surprise birthday party for him. I know, there was a lot going on at that event! Standing outside in the heat were close to 8,000 fans, and KHJ told the staff to let them all into the event hall so they would be more comfortable. Now if you're a fan of SS501, then you know KHJ and the rest of the members are known for how well they treat their fans. For years the guys have always tried their best to take care of them, bringing them into arenas early if it was raining or freezing, buying them all tea -- they just always go above and beyond for their fans.

khj fans

Kim Hyun Joong not only brought all his fans in from the heat, but he then spent 6 HOURS walking around the event hall and greeting every single person who was there! Taking a trip to Asia just for a Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meet? Totally Worth it!

khj fans 2

Way to go Kim Hyun Joong! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE