Kim Hyun Joong's agency, KeyEast, confirmed his enlistment date today. The Boys Over Flowers actor will officially begin serving his mandatory two-year military duty this month. His agency posted the following message on Kim's website: “Kim Hyun Joong will be enlisting for active duty military service on Tuesday, May 12."

"Kim Hyun Joong has always wanted to enlist quietly not to disturb the fellow recruits and their families, and his mind hasn't changed. On the day of the enlistment, there will be no official events. We ask for our fans’ understanding. We especially ask foreign fans to be careful and not be tricked by various illegal tours.” 

KeyEast concluded, "Thank you very much to the fans who are always by his side and support and love him. The company will continue to do everything for Kim Hyun Joong to return healthy after serving in the military.”

The 28 year-old singer and actor is expected to be discharged in 2017. His fans (aka Henecians) have been expecting this news for quite a while. His girlfriend's pregnancy and recent lawsuits  postponed his enlistment date until now. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit against him for roughly $1.48 million for psychological damages. She is also suing over 100 netizens for malicious comments about her and her unborn child.

Will you miss Kim Hyun Joong while he is in the military? 

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